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Henderson’s of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is arguably the most beautiful city in the UK. The contrast between the old stone areas of the city and new cosmopolitan areas make it the perfect place to find different and exciting places to eat and drink. Although … Continue reading

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Infamous Ice: Buckfast Ice cream @ Bloc+ Glasgow

When those who do not live in Scotland think of this great country they think of Kilts, ginger hair, haggis, and Mel Gibson with a questionable Scottish accent shouting “FREEDOM” from a field in Ireland somewhere. When the true Scots … Continue reading

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Ready Or Not?- A critical review of the ready meal

The humble ready meal is now a British institution. Britain spends nearly £2 billion per year on the product. There’s no doubt their easiness and tastiness make them the go-to meal for the Friday night lay-about.  Four minutes in the … Continue reading

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Meat Me Half Way: Vegetarianism and its perks

The thing about going out with a vegetarian is that you inevitably understand the appeal of it. Meat is expensive. In terms of student budgets it’s probably the food that costs the most on the weekly shop. Meat also causes … Continue reading

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Will Study For Food

Unless you’re lucky enough to live with your parents (although I wouldn’t necessarily deem those people lucky) then most first year students will be in the same situation as me. For the first time all your meals will have to … Continue reading

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