Revolucion De Cuba – Glasgow



The taste of Cuba has landed in Glasgow thanks to this new eatery. I was lucky enough to sample their cuisine, cocktails and service before their official launch.

Revolucion de Cuba has fun, Caribbean vibes with bright and funky decor. The minute you walk in, it’s easy to tell the new restaurant is going to be a winner in Glasgow. With an impressive cocktail menu and drinks selection, Rev De Cuba is following in the footsteps of the likes of Missousla and Las iguanas, by not only being a great eatery but also a sought after night-out destination.

Let’s get onto the food:

The first dish I sampled was a taster of their shredded pork with special seasoning. The season includes orange and lime power, cumin, garlic, paprika and chilli. It was delicious, I would definitely recommend sampling it.

Our selection of tapas was:

Sticky chicken skewers
Pork belly skewers
Battered prawns
Cajun cream mushrooms
Cauliflower wings

The food at Revolucion De Cuba is very good. Great tastes at fair prices. Although the restaurant is, in fact, a Britain wide chain the food is all freshly prepared by knowledgeable and talented chefs.

My meal highlight was the Cajun cream mushrooms. They were creamy she so full of fantastic flavour.

Rev de Cuba is definitely a place to check out if your in the city centre.

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