Birdtree and Bellfish @ The Lorne Hotel – Glasgow

The exclusive Lorne Hotel have officially opened their brand new restaurant the Birdtree and Bellfish. Their menu consists of some traditional Scottish dishes and delicacies  with their own added gourmet twists.

Having been to their grand opening night – which featured DJ sets from Capital FM hosts – I was lucky to try a variety of different dishes from their impressive new menu.

Stovies Soup

The delicious dish everyone’s gran could effortlessly whip up – only in the form of a light and ulta-tasty soup. It’ll warm the cockles of your hard Glaswegian soul.



Venison Burger and Irn Bru Fish and Chips

A juicy and rich venison patty with red currant chutney, Bread Meats Bread eat your heart out. Combine Irn Bru with fish and chips and you create a strangely tasty Scottish treat. Your hair will turn ginger and you’ll be screaming “Och aye the noo” by the end of it.


Cheese and Leak Mashed Potato

Perfect thick and creamy mash with a ‘grate’ cheesy taste.


Italian Beans in a Spicy Tomato Sauce on Toasted Focaccia Bread.

Birdtree and Bellfish proved they can also cook up a fantastic vegetarian dish with this scrumptious option.



I thoroughly recommend a trip to Birdtree and Bellfish if you are spending anytime in Glasgow.  The food is fun and tasty, and with the beautiful backdrop of Glasgow’s West End, you can’t go wrong.



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