Atlantic Bar and Brasserie – Glasgow


snails better

I honestly never thought I’d find myself day-dreaming over the exquisite taste and texture of L’escagot (snails) but here I am – in my post dinner glow – wishing I could have another plate.

Atlantic Bar and Brasserie, located a short walk from George Square, is in a tier of its own when it comes to fine French dining. I had been invited to an evening of blogging and tasting, and after reading the menu online I was incredibly excited to experience their food.

The restaurant was beautiful, with a modern stance on the classic fine dining décor, the feeling was that of relaxed eloquence.

I had never tried snails before but they were a fantastically fun start to the meal. Cooked with garlic, parsley and a touch of white wine, they had a deliciously understated taste. Even my vegetarian boyfriend, who joined me on the evening, said they were delicious.

To start I had the gently seared Scottish scallops, with apple sauce, black pudding, and sauce vierge.  The scallops were phenomenal.  Soft and full of taste, they left my mouth watering for more. The full-bodied taste of the black pudding, and sweet apply sauce complemented the scallops tremendously. It was an inspired Scottish twist on a French favourite.



I chose the slow braised beef casserole with Burgundy red wine, smoked pancetta, sautéed pearl onions, and button mushrooms topped with courgette, swede and creamy mash as my main.  That’s quite a mouth full – in every aspect.  This is a dish fit for a king. The beef was melt-in-the-mouth delicious. The sauce was thick, rich and bursting with flavour and life. I’m always apprehensive of restaurant mashed potato because I’ve rarely experienced places that can make them creamy enough, and not rubbery on the outside. But, the mash at Atlantic was light and creamy while still being thick enough to mix with the casserole gravy without turning into a watery mess. This main was a treat for my taste buds.



In my opinion a dessert isn’t a proper dessert if there’s no chocolate. So, for my final dish I chose the baked dark chocolate cheesecake on an almond crisp base with caramelised orange slices.  One word. Unreal. The thick chocolate top was dark and rich with the perfect amount of sweetness to create a godly dessert. Godly.


Cheese Cake 

Food Highlight

My meal highlight was definitely the scallop starter. I wish the dish never had to end and the black pudding was a delight.

Drink Highlight

Having been able to sample the fabulous cocktails at Atlantic, my personal favourite was a tie between two . I couldn’t decide between the divine Atlantic Margarita – topped with strawberry whip- and the exquisite Strawberry and Rosemary Mojito. Both taste amazing and are a lot of fun.

Special Mention

My special mention goes to the vegetarian starter, which I did not order but did try. It was a half chargrilled globe artichoke served with a warm pommery mustard vinaigrette. This was the starter my boyfriend chose and he assures me it’s unlike anything he’s ever tried. Fresh and tasty, this dish is a great choice.


I’d like to extend a huge thank you and well done to the amazing staff at Atlantic Bar and Brasserie. The evening was fantastic and the waiting staff were on point.  Fantastique!



 It’s Don’t Byrne it herself! Cheers! 

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