Proud Mary Glasgow – Ping Pong and Booze, What’s Not to Love?

Certain things in life just fit together so perfectly. Jager and Red Bull, students and pasta, fry-ups and hang overs, late night bars and ping pong…wait, what was that last one?

Last month Glasgow’s first ever late night ping pong bar and restaurant opened at the bottom of Queen Street. With a spacious restaurant area on the top floor, leading down to the basement area with its own bar, ping pong tables and a secluded ping pong area which caters to parties and events.

The menu is deliciously modern and is perfect for the self-confessed ‘foodie’.

platterI would urge anyone to try the sharing platters. We tried the one called ‘Here Comes Heaven Again’. This consisted of a (generous) block or Camembert, breads, olives, home-made chutney, and pickled beetroot. The Camembert was melted in the middle to create a spreadable delight, and mixed with the chutney they made one of those destined mixtures that fit so perfectly together.


sandI then tried the Scottish twist on the croque monsieur. This contained ham and cheese (obviously) with red onion and traditional Scottish black pudding on ciabatta. The sandwich was really tasty and the black pudding gave it a real edge and texture which I enjoyed.

Our side dish was aubergine chips with a blue cheese sauce. Blue cheese is my weakness so I couldn’t resist. The sauce was thick, creamy and mouth-watering. A+.

Proud Mary also has its own fabulous cocktail menu, so if the food doesn’t tempt you the cocktails definitely will.

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One Response to Proud Mary Glasgow – Ping Pong and Booze, What’s Not to Love?

  1. Mike says:

    Great post Amy


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